Book a Trial Lesson

Is your child creative, then we have a lot going on at the Kathryn Saunby Art Studio which they may want to try out.
Would you like to book a one off trial lesson at the studio for one of our after school art lessons or a Saturday? Children can come to a one off session to see if they enjoy it, if they do, then parents can sign them up for the rest of a block.
We have 2 options for these lessons either:
  • 2d art running twice monthly
  • 2d art with craft and sculpture running weekly
Twice monthly 2d Art 6-16yrs
Running term time, you have a 2hr lesson twice a month. A two hour lesson cost £16 pay for all your child’s art supplies, tuition and refreshments. Subjects matter covered are animals, portrait, landscape, cityscape, still life and abstract. Working in watercolour, acrylic, pencil, coloured pencils, soft pastels, charcoal, oil pastels and pen and wash.
These run on Monday, 5-7pm Tuesday 4.20-6.20pm, Wednesday 4.20-6.20pm and Friday 4.20-6.20pm
Weekly Term time 2d Art, Craft and Sculpture 6-16yrs
Running term time, they have all of the above mediums and subject matter for the art element but with the added craft and sculpture sessions to give your child a broader art and craft experience. In craft, we have everything from collograph printing to glass painting and hand weaving, then in sculpture, we work in clay and wire frame pieces.
These run on a Thursday after school 4.20-6.20pm and Saturday 9.30-11.30am.
The art lessons are £8 per hour and craft or sculpture are 50p extra per hour to pay for the more expensive materials.