Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy

Kathryn Saunby Art Studio -?COVID-19 Site Operating Procedures
These guidelines are intended to advise our staff students and parents of the precautionary measure we will be putting in place, to minimise the risk of the spread of?COVID-19 disease in the art studio. When devising our operational procedures, we have been guided by information from Public Health England.
The fundamental principle of this guidance is to ensure physical distancing between students and staff (where reasonably possible) and to implement good hygiene practices.
Attendance???Only students and staff who are symptom free, have completed the required isolation period or achieved a negative test result will be permitted to attend classes at the studio.
If a child becomes unwell during their time at the studio, we will isolate them in a separate room and ask parents for immediate collection.
Any adults or staff becoming unwell during lessons they will be asked to leave.
Physical Distancing??
? Seating within the art studio is set up at 1 metre plus for adults and children not from the same household with the addition of screens.

-Movement around the building will be minimised.
– Social distancing will be maintained during staff breaks. This may be achieved through a range of strategies including the staggering of breaks and subdivision of spaces allocated to team breaks where possible.
? Staff members will avoid physical contact with each other including handshakes, hugs etc.
?Use of PPE

  • As we are closer to an educational setting the use of PPE in Educational establishments is not a government recommendation for children. Therefore myself and staff will not be wearing face masks through out children’s lessons, neither will we expect children?to do the same. ?If any member of staff or student wishes to wear a facial covering during lessons this is absolutely fine.?We will of course reconsider this, if there is an increase of cases in the area.

When teaching adults all staff will be wearing visors. We ask all adults to wear a mask when moving around the building, but once seated they may remove them as all students are socially distanced seated and have screens up.

Wearing gloves is not advised within this setting because of cross contamination, we would like all students and staff to rather practice regular handwashing.

Hand washing
All students and staff must wash their hands upon arrival at the studio, we have hand washing facilities set up for all 3 teaching rooms and also the toilets. Blue disposable hand towel is to be used for drying hands and to be disposed of in the bins in place.? Students and staff members must follow procedures by washing their hands frequently throughout the day. We also have extra bottles of hand sanitiser placed on the art tables.
Dropping off and collecting students
We ask that only students doing art enter the building, parents are to drop them off and collect at the front door, if for any reason a parent or non participating person needs to enter the building then you must use the sanitiser outside the front door first and wear a mask inside. The same applies for adult students if friends or partners wish to enter the building we ask them to wait outside for you, unless there is a specific reason they need to come in, then they will need to wear a mask.
-Inside the building there is a one way system in and out of the main art rooms upstairs, entrance via front stairs, exit via back stairs. When we have back to back lessons, we will also be using one door for entrance and the back door for exiting.

-1 Metre socially distant seating.

-Perspex screens on the tables between pupils facing each other

-Windows will be kept open where possible to ensure ventilation

– Where suitable we will separate primary school and secondary school children into separate rooms until step 3 in May 2021.
Using the toilets
We ask Students and staff to wash their hands with antibacterial hand wash, use the disposable blue hand towel to dry your hands and dispose of the hand towel in the bin provided, we ask all staff and students to spray the toilet with the antibacterial spray provided, we will check this has been down with the children, after each lesson the toilets will be cleaned.
Food and Drink in the Studio
We will continue to provide drinks and biscuits at the studio, staff will wash their hands before making of drinks and sanitised tongs will be used to hand out biscuits.? Students hands must be washed before and after consumption of food.
Students can bring their own drink in if they wish, or just their own cup or mug.
Responding to a suspected case
– (children students) Whilst waiting for the child to be collected they will be isolated from others in a previously identified room or area. If possible, a window should be opened for ventilation. A member of staff will stay with the child and provide comfort and reassurance. ?Suitable PPE will be supplied for this staff member.
? The area will be thoroughly cleaned, immediately if the area cannot be left unvisited, and if the area can be left unvisited then cleaned after 48 hours
? The person responsible for cleaning the area will wear appropriate PPE
? In the event of a staff member developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst working at the studio, they should return home immediately and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance. They may return before their isolation period only if a negative test result is provided
Responding to a confirmed case
In the event that a member of staff or student tests positive for?COVID-19, the whole class will be notified and will only be allowed to return if they are symptom free after isolation or have a negative?covid?-19 result. Studio will go through a deep clean over 48 hrs before re-opening.

Adult students as before will bring their own art supplies, in addition to this they will need to bring their own aprons and rags for cleaning brushes.
Children students, will be supplied with art materials and paper as before. Each child will be given their own full set, so they do not have to share anything. Please can parents send their child with their own apron until further notice.
– In between lessons an enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented that includes furniture, surfaces, material and equipment.
-Communal area, touch points and hand washing facilities will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.
Risk assessment
All activity swill be risk assessed and due consideration given to any adaptations to usual practice. It is expected that may include, but not be limited, to the suspension of learning experiences involving materials which are not easily washable such as malleable materials and the suspension of the sharing of art supplies.
Waste Disposal
? All waste will be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner
? Tissues will be immediately disposed of
? Wherever possible we will use disposable resources where we may have previously used re-useable. For example; hand towels, rags etc

Any other questions then give me a shout.

All the best Kathryn

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