Art in Education

We have been teaching art at the creative and inspirational Kathryn Saunby Art Studio for the last 11 years.

We understand that in recent times, art in some schools has slowly taken a back seat with more and more emphasis on core subjects, often leaving little time for creativity.

 This is where we can step in and help.

The ARTISTRY PROJECT is a bespoke art/craft and sculpture package for educational settings. Offering well planned, curriculum-linked, fun and exciting art workshops. A fantastic way for schools to meet their Cultural Capital objectives.

We can offer these workshops in two different ways, either by inviting the students to our lovely, working art studio in the heart of Melton Mowbray or by coming to your school.

The ARTISTRY team is made up of professional artists, who will deliver workshops tailored to curriculum objectives or bespoke sessions, based on a particular request.

We have a large selection of pre-planned workshops already created, based on the work of established artists. The sessions include learning about art history as part of the experience, as well as offering a highly creative and fun lesson.

We have a culturally and gender diverse artist’s list (30 in total,) for you to choose from, featuring artists including prominent historical figures, like Gustav Klimt, through to recent Turner Prize winners, such as Chris Ofili.

Headteachers and Art Co-ordinators can make an informed choice from the list, whether it’s based on art techniques or the cultural/ historical significance of the artist. Of course, we can discuss our pre-planned lessons but equally, we can plan something bespoke for your school if required. (We would be willing to discuss the timings and costs of this.)

In the current world we live in, we know that doctors, scientists and mathematicians are paramount. Equally, as you know, sitting in your classrooms are a high percentage of creative, individuals. Who later on in life, will be the people, illustrating children’s books, designing the graphics for a computer game or creating the artwork hanging in the galleries countless individuals visit for inspiration and well-being. At ARTISTRY we truly believe these creative artistic children should be nurtured.


“The boundless energy, enthusiasm and curriculum planning from the ARTISTRY team kept all the children on task and able to achieve a piece of art to be proud of” 

“Artistry was so well planned that I now feel more confident when teaching art” 

“The children were able to freely enjoy the Artistry task as they were given enough time to express themselves.” 

“The children have always had art lessons, but being delivered by a team of professional artists meant the outcomes were at a very different level” 

“I saw the Artistry session as a very useful opportunity for personal development, as I was able to see how an artist would model their work and pick up on technical art language” 

“Every child was engrossed and happy and wanted the  Artistry team to return for more.” 

 If you are interested in pursuing an experience with the team from ARTISTRY don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the studio on

01664 560122

or at 

for our full brochure, including prices.